5-10-20 Beef Fajitas

Do you have some meat lying around that you don’t know what to do with? Chicken breast, roast, flank steak — yes and yes, make it Mexican. Are you in the mood for Fajitas, Burritos, Tacos, Tostadas, Enchiladas or Taquitos? It’s up to you!


• 2 chicken breasts
• or ½ flank steak
• or ½ roast
• 1 jar of your desired salsa, spiciness and variety doesn’t make that much of a difference, use what you enjoy! Even ½-3/4 of a jar will work.
• 1 bouillon cube or 1 tsp of stock mix.

1. Trim your desired meat of the fat and defrost.
2. Pour a bit of the salsa in the bottom of the crock-pot. Place the meat in the crock-pot.
3. Pour the rest of the salsa on top of the meat.
4. To get that extra yummy goo from the jar of salsa add water and swish around, try to get all those extra chunks out and you are ready to recycle too!
5. Add your bouillon to the crock-pot.
6. Turn on low and cook 6-8 hours.
7. Remove the meat from the cooking liquid. Cut the meat into desired shape and size or shred with two forks and a bit of the cooking liquid.
8. Reserve a bit of this liquid to pour over the cut/shredded meat to help keep warm and juicy until service.
9. Use the meat mixture for your main addition to any of the above suggested meals it is all delicious and nutritious!

• 1-2 TB veg oil
• 1 bag of frozen mixed bell pepper strips.
• ½ sliced purple onion (the color is fantastic but if you only have whit that will work too)
• 2 TB minced garlic
• 1 tsp cumin
• s/p to taste
• Dried cilantro or oregano is a nice addition about 1 tsp.
• 8-10 flour tortillas

1. Swirl the cooking oil in a large sauté pan. Place of high heat.
2. Get the oil very hot and add the garlic, peppers and onions.
3. Add herbs and spices, sauté until desired tenderness and color is reached (I usually go about 5-7 minutes).
4. Warm flour tortillas in the oven wrapped in foil.
5. If you need more additions to the meal you might want to have a side of corn, beans and or rice.
10. Enjoy!


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